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Red Sky Stage is a coffee house style performing arts venue in Downtown Petoskey’s Gaslight District featuring live music, poetry, comedy, drama, painting, and other arts.

Featured Art

High Banks - Indian River

Original oil by Rick Kolb

Schedule of Coming Events

Lee Dyer of Kellerville Entertaining the Red Sky Stage Audience

Just one more show at the current Red Sky Stage.  Then we lock the doors and move out.  We are continuing to look for a new location and will reopen as soon as possible with all the exciting performances, concerts in a wide variety of musical styles, plays, poetry, benefit concerts, more jam sessions, recovery groups, community meetings and much more!  Thank you to all the performers and audience members for your support and enthusiasm over the last six years!

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May 2019

Wednesday May 1, and Every Wednesday, 7-8 PM  LifeRing Secular Recovery

LifeRing Secular Recovery is an abstinence-based, worldwide network of individuals seeking to live in  recovery  from addiction to alcohol or to other non-medically indicated drugs. In LifeRing, we offer each other peer-to-peer support in ways that encourage personal growth and continued learning through personal empowerment. Our approach is based on developing, refining, and sharing our own personal strategies for continued abstinence and crafting a rewarding life in recovery. In short, we are sober, secular, and self-directed.   LifeRing offers meetings in the United States, Canada, and other selected countries of the world. Meetings are free and open to the public. No appointment is necessary, just walk on in to our regular weekly meeting at Red Sky Stage.  

For more information about LifeRing Secular Recovery, see their website.


Thursday, May 2 and Every Thursday, 7-10 pm  Fun Blues Harmonica Class

Instructor:  Steve August

It may be a tiny instrument but the Blues Harmonica is BIG on sound and style! Practice the basic moves and   patterns  that bring your harmonica to life, including sweet single note melodies, foot tapping rhythms, blues scales and riffs and bending note secrets.  Get an intro to major harmonica players and their styles, from the early originators to the contemporary players.  Small class size insures that you get lots of individual attention.  

No prior musical experience is needed.  Any harmonica in the key of "C" is acceptable for class.  Open to ALL harmonica players from raw beginners to legendary bluesfolk..

Cost for six sessions, $145.  For more information or to register, call Steve August at  231-838-6419.  Email


Saturday, May 4  Blissfest Saturday Night Community Dance

This community event is a great way to experience an evening of old-time fun with dancing, roots music and  good time  family entertainment. All dances are taught and there is a live band and caller. No special skills, clothes or shoes required.  The Blissfest Music  Organization and Red Sky Stage  present this monthly series as part of our commitment to sharing cultural heritage and providing a great way to socialize like folks used to do.

This month, the band will be Peacemeal and the callers are Cynthia Donahey and Jan Fowler.

Admission $5/person, $7/couple or $10/family.  Children are welcome.


Sunday, May 5 and Every Sunday, 1-4 PM  Blissfest Strings Jam Session

Bring your  guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, harmonica, kazoo, washboard, penny whistle or whatever  you play  on Sunday afternoon and play and sing along with our friendly, supportive group.  Everyone is welcome regardless of skill level.  If you don't play an instrument but you love music, join the fun and listen or sing along.

We meet every week (except a few holidays) so come whenever and as often as you can.  We go around the room and take turns leading songs and we all play along the best we can.  A perfect event for playing old favorites, originals, covers, or trying out a song you are working on.

Microphones, instrument connections and sound system.provided so you may plug in if you wish.

Admission Free, Snacks available.  Optional donations accepted.



Monday, May 6,  6 pm  Petoskey Poets

with Dar Charlebois

Join our very supportive poetry reading group, hosted and organized by  Dar Charlebois on the first  Monday of  every  month.  Bring something you wrote, a poem, a story, a skit or anything else original and creative.  Get up in front of the group and receive thunderous applause.  Not ready for that yet?  Just show up and get inspired by the other talented writers.  Had fun?  Come back next month with something to read.  We are building a talented, creative, fun-loving and supportive collection of folks. 

Admission Free, Snacks available.


Tuesday May 7 and Every Tuesday, 7-8:30 PM  Refuge Recovery Meeting


Refuge Recovery is a non-profit organization grounded in the belief that Buddhist principles and practices  create a   strong foundation for the addiction recovery process. Wisdom and compassion enable those struggling with any form of addiction to become more mindful of their mental processes while also developing a deep understanding of the suffering that addiction has created and compassion for their own pain. The mission of Refuge Recovery is to support those on this path of recovery by building an extensive and comprehensive network of Refuge Recovery groups, meetings and communities that practice, educate and provide Buddhist-inspired guidance and meditations for anyone seeking recovery from addiction. We hope to serve you, and meet you on the path.


As a peer-led recovery program using Buddhism as the path to freedom from all addictions, Refuge Recovery is a community that embraces all people regardless of age, race, class, culture, nationality, ethnic origin, religious/spiritual background, gender, gender identity, sexual/affectional orientation, marital status, family structure, social identity, physical ability or appearance, mental health, legal standing, and educational or socioeconomic status. As such, we strive to speak to each other in a compassionate way using wise communication and avoiding hate-speech, intimidation, and violence of any kind. If you seek refuge in our community, we hope you feel welcome and safe.

For more information about Refuge Recovery, see their website.


Thursday, May 9, 8 PM  Blissfest Presents Rebecca Loebe

Blissfest Music Organization brings Rebecca Loebe to Red Sky Stage.

She calls herself a singer-songwriter, but as soon as Rebecca Loebe leans into the first notes of Give Up Your Ghosts, her first release for Blue Corn Music (Feb. 8, 2019), that definition starts to seem woefully inadequate.

Rebecca Loebe is not just another talent. She’s a sophisticated, mature writer with a relevant point of view and an assured, nuanced voice that’s both elegant and earthy, powerful and delicate, with a range and depth she hints at more than flashes. 

She’s on a guerrilla mission to share messages she and others need to hear. “I like to write catchy songs about topics that are meaningful to me, but use fun hooks to put words in people's mouths,” Loebe admits. “My favorite thing is to get people singing along before they even realize they're singing about women's equality or their own self-worth.”

Before signing her first record deal last year, Loebe had made her national television debut on the first season of The Voice  and been declared a winner at the Kerrville New Folk songwriting competition.

Catch this award-winning songwriter and internationally recognized singer in concert with her full band this spring, as she celebrates the release of her fifth studio album Give Up Your Ghosts across the US and Europe.

Admission:  Tickets $12 in advance,  at the Northern Michigan Artists Market, (231) 487-0000 or online at My North Tickets (click the Buy Tickets Now link).   Tickets are also available online through Blissfest.  Tickets will available at the door the night of the show for $15. 



Friday May 10, 7 PM, Dave Boutette and Kristi Lynn Davis

Folk, Blues and Country

Blissfest Folk and Roots Mini Concert Series

Southeast Michigan natives Dave Boutette and Kristi Lynn Davis have found the magic that happens when two voices share a melody.  Kristi’s natural gift for harmony is instantly bringing new life to Dave’s celebrated catalog of songs, as is evidenced on their debut CD Easy As Pie, which has garnered radio play from New Jersey to New Zealand.

Dave & Kristi’s songs are a blend of many schools of American roots and popular music including folk, blues, swing, and old time country. The lyrics testify to the power of true love, rebirth, snow plows, coffee, and even migrating fish.

Together Dave and Kristi have performed at music festivals, listening rooms, and brewpubs from the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula all the way down to Oberlin, Ohio.

Boutette spent ten years with the Detroit-based alterna-rock bar kings The Junk Monkeys. The band toured the nation relentlessly sharing bills with such acts as The Goo Goo Dolls and Hootie and the Blowfish

Davis logged in about 1,200 performances and 240,000 kicks as a Radio City Rockette. She also sailed the globe as a singer-dancer on luxurious cruise ships, and worked in musical theater productions with showbiz icons Susan Anton, Buddy Ebsen, Maurice Hines, Jack Jones, Paige O’Hara, Juliet Prowse, Rip Taylor, and others.
Kristi’s had so many adventures in show business, she had to write a book to keep them all straight. Her award-winning comic memoir is titled Long Legs and Tall Tales.

Tickets:  $15 in advance at the Northern Michigan Artists Market, (231) 487-0000 or online at My North Tickets (click the Buy Tickets Now link). Tickets are available at the door the night of the show for $20. 



Saturday May 11, 1 - 5  PM  CBG Minded Michiganders

‚ÄčCigar  Box Nation is a country-wide movement of musicians, instrument builders, hobbyists, fans and just plain  folks    with  an interest in cigar box guitars, ukuleles and related creations.  A few local citizens of CB Nation, who call themselves CBG Minded Michiganders, get together with other interested people  to share their fascination with cigar box instruments and the music they make.  What better place to do that than Red Sky Stage,

There will be a lot of swapping stories, tips and ideas about building and playing cigar box instruments. 

The event is open to everyone.  Be sure to attend if you have even the slightest interest in cigar box instruments, making them, playing them or just seeing one for the first time.  You might want to check out the Cigar Box Nation website and Facebook page and the CBG Minded Michiganders  Facebook page

Admission Free, Snacks available.


Saturday, May 11. 8 PM, Doors Open 7 PM Hell on Heels

Hell on Heels is lots of fun for everyone!.  The theme of this month's edition of this lip syncing, dancing, and  singing  adventure is The Secret Garden. The show will feature special guest Mya Space.

Hell on Heels is fast becoming one pf the most popular Red Sky Stage events.  It is guaranteed to be filled with loads of comedy and just the right amount of crassness.

Drag Queens have been a huge part of our culture for decades.  Let us show you why!!

Tickets:  $10 in advance   Advanced ticket availability will be announced here soon. Tickets are available at the door the night of the show for $15. 










Sunday, May 12, 6:30-8:30 PM  Recovery Notes

Future dates:  The second Sunday of each month through June.

Recovery N.O.T.E.S.(New Opportunities to Enjoy Sobriety)  is a Recovery oriented group that uses music and performance as a means of self expression to connect with others in recovery and to heal from and overcome issues related to substance use disorder.

Red Sky Stage hosts a jam session once a month sponsored by Recovery N.O.T.E.S.  We invite those living a life in recovery to enjoy one evening a month performing and enjoying music, comedy, poetry, etc in a safe, drug free environment in Downtown Petoskey, together with friends and supportive neighbors.  The jam is open to everybody to listen and cheer on some of our local recovery talent! 

Opportunities to perform will be allocated on a first come first serve basis to those who submit a written application.  If you would like to perform or for more information, please email or contact Tory Werth at: or 989. 370. 7608.

Admission free.  Voluntary donations accepted at the door.


Monday May 13, 7 PM DB Rouse

Singing, Songwriting, Kazoo and Guitar Playing Hobo

An Americana musician from Milwaukee, D.B. and his guitar, Meal-Ticket, have worked as a lounge singer on a cruise ship, a singing ranch hand near Austin, TX, and as a hobo musician for the Grand Canyon Railway, all the while writing and refining his original songs and performances. He is an entertainer, a poet, and a published novelist. He is currently sponsored by Kazoobie Kazoos.

D.B. Rouse is a well respected singing-songwriting hobo extraordinaire. He is as at home playing on a street corner as he is playing in the theaters that he recently toured in the southwest.

After a hyper productive two years in 2014 and 15 (7 new albums and a short university lecture tour to promote his book, Busker) D.B has once again hit the road to entertain folks and promote his latest releases. With his gift for reading audiences, He can turn any gathering into a party. D.B. has written hundreds of songs appropriate for any occasion, and he can cover hundreds of other songs by a variety of artists.

D.B. says that the goal of this year's tour is to find America and teach it how to play kazoo.  D.B. has been transforming the audiences at his shows into band members. He tosses out kazoos, forming an impromptu kazoo orchestra, and memories that last a lifetime.

D.B. honed his skills as a songsmith by roaming the country and picking up odd jobs throughout his travels. He worked at a pawn shop in Wisconsin, as a salmon packager in Alaska, a blueberry harvester in Maine, a goat milker in North Carolina, a Cabana Boy on Lake Michigan, a singing ranch hand in Austin, a lounge singer for Carnival Cruise Lines, and most recently, a lounge singer on the Grand Canyon Train. These last three jobs gave him the time to perfect his skills as a musician and entertainer. He has now retired from odd jobs and is working as a musician full time.

Tickets:  $15 in advance at the Northern Michigan Artists Market, (231) 487-0000 or online at My North Tickets (click the Buy Tickets Now link). Tickets are available at the door the night of the show for $20. 



Monday, May 13 and the 2nd and 4th Monday Every Month, 7 PM  Ukes for You

This group of Ukulele enthusiasts meets the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month at Red Sky Stage to  learn, play   and  discuss ukuleles. All experience levels welcome. The goal of the club is to bring together adults and families who are interested in learning the ukulele and want to play and sing songs with others.  All levels are encouraged to attend.  

Blissfest provides the instruction and, leaders and has a number of baritone ukuleles available for members to use if they do not have an instrument already.  If you have a soprano or baritone ukulele, please bring it with you.

Admission free.  Snacks available. 


And now, the final show at the current location of Red Sky Stage.  Don't miss it.  It will be a great one.  And look for us to resurface somewhere in Greater Petoskey as soon as we possibly can.  Thanks everyone for a great run!


Saturday, May 18, 7 PM,  Peter "Madcat" Ruth

Peter Madcat Ruth is a Grammy Award-winning virtuoso harmonica player based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. But Madcat doesn't just play blues harp: He also sings and plays ukulele, guitar, high-hat, jaw-harp, penny-whistle, kalimba, banjo and other folk instruments from around the world. 

Madcat's repertoire of styles includes Blues, American Roots Music, Folk Music, Jazz, and World Music. 

Madcat performed and taught at Red Sky Stage last October at the Great Lakes Harmonica Retreat (which is scheduled to return here for its second great year this coming October).



Tickets:  $15 in advance at the Northern Michigan Artists Market, (231) 487-0000 or online at My North Tickets (click the Buy Tickets Now link). Tickets are available at the door the night of the show for $20.